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Contibuting to AstroNvim

AstroNvim is an open source project that has gotten to where it is today through the incredible support from the community. All contributions and recommendations are welcome by anyone no matter how big or small! Great ways to contribute include:

When making contributions Make sure to check out the official contribution guidelines which help guarantee tests pass and expedite the review and merge process!

Nightly/Unstable AstroNvim

By default when using the AstroNvim Template users get put on the update path of only receiving official, tagged released of AstroNvim. This guarantees the highest level of stability for the end user and avoid random breaking changes as much as possible. When making contributions to AstroNvim such as opening issues, you may want to test unreleased code to see if it resolves any problems or verify if a bug is already fixed. This can be achieved by simply disabling the default version pinning of AstroNvim that is set by the template. This version pinning and configuration will be located wherever you add the AstroNvim/AstroNvim repository and import it’s plugins. If you are using the official template, this would be located in the file ~/.config/nvim/lua/lazy_setup.lua (adjusting the path as necessary for your operating system or configuration location). You simply want to remove any reference to specifying a version such as this:

version = "^4", -- Remove version tracking to elect for nighly AstroNvim
-- version = "^4", -- Remove version tracking to elect for nighly AstroNvim
import = "astronvim.plugins",
opts = { -- AstroNvim options must be set here with the `import` key
5 collapsed lines
mapleader = " ", -- This ensures the leader key must be configured before Lazy is set up
maplocalleader = ",", -- This ensures the localleader key must be configured before Lazy is set up
icons_enabled = true, -- Set to false to disable icons (if no Nerd Font is available)
pin_plugins = nil, -- Default will pin plugins when tracking `version` of AstroNvim, set to true/false to override
update_notifications = true, -- Enable/disable notification about running `:Lazy update` twice to update pinned plugins
20 collapsed lines
{ import = "community" },
{ import = "plugins" },
} --[[@as LazySpec]], {
-- Configure any other `lazy.nvim` configuration options here
install = { colorscheme = { "astrodark", "habamax" } },
ui = { backdrop = 100 },
performance = {
rtp = {
-- disable some rtp plugins, add more to your liking
disabled_plugins = {
} --[[@as LazyConfig]])