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Getting Started

AstroNvim Screenshot

AstroNvim is an aesthetic and feature-rich neovim config that is extensible and easy to use with a great set of plugins

⚡ Requirements

  • Nerd Fonts (Optional with manual intervention: See Recipes/Customizing Icons) [1]
  • Neovim v0.8+ (Not including nightly)
  • Tree-sitter CLI (Note: This is only necessary if you want to use auto_install feature with Treesitter)
  • A clipboard tool is necessary for the integration with the system clipboard (see :help clipboard-tool for supported solutions)
  • Terminal with true color support (for the default theme, otherwise it is dependent on the theme you are using) [2]
  • Optional Requirements:
    • ripgrep - live grep telescope search (<leader>fw)
    • lazygit - git ui toggle terminal (<leader>tl or <leader>gg)
    • go DiskUsage() - disk usage toggle terminal (<leader>tu)
    • bottom - process viewer toggle terminal (<leader>tt)
    • Python - python repl toggle terminal (<leader>tp)
    • Node - Node is needed for a lot of the LSPs, and for the node repl toggle terminal (<leader>tn)

🛠️ Installation

Make a backup of your current nvim folder

Terminal window
mv ~/.config/nvim ~/.config/nvim.bak
Terminal window
mv ~/.local/share/nvim ~/.local/share/nvim.bak
mv ~/.local/state/nvim ~/.local/state/nvim.bak
mv ~/.cache/nvim ~/.cache/nvim.bak

Clone the repository

Terminal window
git clone --depth 1 ~/.config/nvim

📦 Setup

Install LSP

Enter :LspInstall followed by the name of the server you want to install

Example: :LspInstall pyright

Install language parser

Enter :TSInstall followed by the name of the language you want to install

Example: :TSInstall python

Install Debugger

Enter :DapInstall followed by the name of the debugger you want to install

Example: :DapInstall python

Manage plugins

Run :Lazy check to check for plugin updates

Run :Lazy update to apply any pending plugin updates

Run :Lazy clean to remove any disabled or unused plugins

Run :Lazy sync to update and clean plugins

Update AstroNvim

Run :AstroUpdate (<leader>pA) to get the latest updates from the repository

Update AstroNvim Packages

Run :AstroUpdatePackages (<leader>pa) to update both Neovim plugins and Mason packages

Reload AstroNvim (EXPERIMENTAL)

Run :AstroReload to reload the AstroNvim configuration and any new user configuration changes without restarting. This is currently an experimental feature and may lead to instability until the next restart.

✨ Features

⚙️ Configuration

To begin making custom user configurations you must create a user/ folder. We have created a template repository for easily making a user configuration file: Astronvim/user_example

The provided template repo can be used to create a new user configuration repository on your GitHub account or cloned directly. After creating a new repository from the template you can run:

Terminal window
git clone<username>/<config_repo> ~/.config/nvim/lua/user

📦 Community Plugin Configurations

To avoid duplication of effort, you can use community-provided setups from the AstroCommunity repository. For example, to enable language tools (LSP and DAP etc.) for Rust and Python, your plugins/community.lua file can look like the following.

Disclaimer: These setups might not always work. Think of them as VSCode extensions or AUR build scripts, separate from the main AstroNvim project. Report any issues to the AstroCommunity maintainers, not the AstroNvim maintainers.

return {
-- Add the community repository of plugin specifications
-- example of importing a plugin, comment out to use it or add your own
-- available plugins can be found at
-- { import = "astrocommunity.colorscheme.catppuccin" },
{ import = "astrocommunity.pack.rust" },
{ import = "astrocommunity.pack.python" },

❗️ General tips

For more information on the organization of config files and general usage of AstroNvim, be sure to check out the excellent youtube tutorial.

More advanced LSP setups can also be found in Recipes. Note that whenever you see plugins = { <inner_code_block> }, you can also put the <inner_code_block> into plugins/user.lua or plugins/*.lua (they will all be merged into the final plugins spec, and the lua code plugins = {...} acts like the directory structure plugins/...).

🗑️ Uninstall Astronvim

To uninstall Astronvim, simply run:

Terminal window
rm -rf ~/.config/nvim \
~/.local/share/nvim \
~/.local/state/nvim \