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Lua Language Server Integration

Each of the core AstroNvim plugins have full integration with the Lua Language Server which can be used to provide autocompletion and access to documentation directly in the editor. To enable this integration, you simply have to specify in the plugin specifications the type of the opts table. Each plugin provides the following Lua types:

PluginLua Type

In lazy.nvim there are a couple formats that the opts can be specified in, either a Lua table or a Lua Function. Here is the notation to specify the typing in each situation. For more information on how plugins are customized, check out the Customizing Plugins page.

opts Table

Most commonly, the opts will be specified as a simple table. This is useful if you simply want to extend the table without any special logic. For this case, you simply have to specify the type of the table above it.

return {
---@type AstroCoreOpts
opts = {
-- options can be specified here.

opts Function

Other times a function may be required if you want to include any sort of special logic for calculating the table or for handling cases that table merging doesn’t deal with properly such as list-like tables. Here you need to specify the type of the parameter in the function.

return {
---@param opts AstroCoreOpts
opts = function(plugin, opts)
-- modify the `opts` table using pure Lua