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Splitting Up Configuration

AstroNvim can be fully configured using just the user/init.lua file, but also supports easily being configured with separate files. These files will be automatically detected if the file location corresponds to the location in the init.lua table.

For example the mappings override table (or function(table)...end) can be placed in the file user/mappings.lua which would be a lua file that returns the override table or function(table)...end.

Example user/mappings.lua file:

return {
n = {
["<leader>q"] = { "<cmd>q<cr>", desc = "Quit" },

Another example would be adding a custom lsp.on_attach function, this could be in a file lsp/on_attach.lua that returns a function(client, bufnr)...end for example, if you want to run some code when a language server attaches:

return function(client, bufnr)
-- run some code when a language server attaches

Example File Tree

A heavily modified AstroNvim setup that leverages these separate files could have a file structure as such:

├── init.lua
├── highlights/
│ └── init.lua
├── diagnostics.lua
├── lsp/
│ ├── on_attach.lua
│ ├── setup_handlers.lua
│ └── config/
│ ├── texlab.lua
│ └── yamlls.lua
├── mappings.lua
└── plugins/
└── init.lua