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Available User Options

user/init.lua table keyExpected FormatUse CaseAlternate File Path (in user/ folder)
colorschemestringThe colorscheme to be setcolorscheme.lua
diagnosticstable, function(table)Modify the default vim diagnostics optionsdiagnostics.lua
heirline.attributestable, function(table)Modify the section highlight attributes used by Heirlineheirline/attributes.lua
heirline.colorstable, function(table)Modify the section colors used by Heirlineheirline/colors.lua
heirline.icon_highlightstable, function(table)Modify which components should do dynamic icon highlighting Heirlineheirline/icon_highlights.lua
heirline.separatorstable, function(table)Modify the section separators used by Heirlineheirline/separators.lua
highlights.inittable, function(table)Custom highlight groups for the all colorschemeshighlights/init.lua
highlights.<colorscheme>table, function(table)Custom highlight groups for the specified theme, replace <colorscheme> with colorscheme namehighlights/<colorscheme>.lua
iconstable, function(table)Customize the icons used in the user interfaceicons.lua
lazytable, function(table)Modify the default lazy.nvim setup configuration tablelazy.lua
lsp.capabilitiestable, function(table)Modify the default LSP capabilities tablelsp/capabilities.lua
lsp.config.<lsp>table, function(table)Modify the LSP server settings, replace <lsp> with server namelsp/config/<lsp>.lua
lsp.flagstable, function(table)Modify the default LSP flags tablelsp/flags.lua
lsp.formattingtable, function(table)Modify the formatting options described in the LSP Configuration Pagelsp/formatting.lua
lsp.mappingstable, function(table)Modify the buffer mappings that are set when a language server attacheslsp/mappings.lua
lsp.on_attachfunction(client, bufnr)Modify the default LSP on_attach functionlsp/on_attach.lua
lsp.serverstable, function(table)List of language servers to be set up that are already installed without masonlsp/servers.lua
lsp.setup_handlerstable, function(table)Modify the lspconfig setup handler for a given language server, each key in the table should be a language serverlsp/setup_handlers.lua
lsp.skip_setuptable, function(table)List of language servers to guarantee the lspconfig setup is never called on automaticallylsp/skip_setup.lua
mappingstable, function(table)Modify the mappings tablemappings.lua
optionstable, function(table)The vim.x.y variables to be setoptions.lua
pluginstableModify the lazy.nvim plugin specificationsplugins/<any_files>.lua
polishfunction()Lua function to be run last. Good place for setting vim options and adding mappingspolish.lua
text_iconstable, function(table)Customize the text based icons used in the user interface when vim.g.icons_enabled = falsetext_icons.lua
updatertable, function(table)The configuration for the AstroNvim updaterupdater.lua