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Default Mappings

General Mappings

Leader keySpace
Local Leader key,
Resize upCtrl + Up
Resize DownCtrl + Down
Resize LeftCtrl + Left
Resize RightCtrl + Right
Up WindowCtrl + k
Down WindowCtrl + j
Left WindowCtrl + h
Right WindowCtrl + l
Force WriteCtrl + s
Force QuitCtrl + q
New FileLeader + n
Close BufferLeader + c
Next Tab (real vim tab)]t
Previous Tab (real vim tab)[t
CommentLeader + /
Horizontal Split\
Vertical Split|


Next Buffer]b
Previous Buffer[b
Move Buffer Right>b
Move Buffer Left<b
Navigate to buffer tab with interactive pickerLeader + bb
Close all buffers except the currentLeader + bc
Close all buffersLeader + bC
Delete a buffer tab with interactive pickerLeader + bd
Close all buffers to the left of the currentLeader + bl
Go to the previous bufferLeader + bp
Close all buffers to the right of the currentLeader + br
Sort buffers by extensionLeader + bse
Sort buffers by buffer numberLeader + bsi
Sort buffers by last modificationLeader + bsm
Sort buffers by full pathLeader + bsp
Sort buffers by relative pathLeader + bsr
Open a buffer tab in a new horizontal split with interactive pickerLeader + b\
Open a buffer tab in a new vertical split with interactive pickerLeader + b|

Better Escape

Escape keyjj, jk


Neotree toggleLeader + e
Neotree focusLeader + o

Dashboard Mappings

Dashboard (Home)Leader + h

Session Manager Mappings

Save SessionLeader + Ss
Last SessionLeader + Sl
Delete SessionLeader + Sd
Search SessionsLeader + Sf
Load Current Directory SessionLeader + S.

Package Management Mappings

AstroNvim Packages UpdateLeader + pa
AstroNvim UpdaterLeader + pA
AstroNvim ChangelogLeader + pl
AstroNvim VersionLeader + pv
Mason InstallerLeader + pm
Mason UpdaterLeader + pM
Plugins InstallLeader + pi
Plugins StatusLeader + ps
Plugins SyncLeader + pS
Plugins Check for UpdatesLeader + pu
Plugins UpdateLeader + pU

LSP Mappings

LSP InfoLeader + li
Null-ls InfoLeader + lI
Hover DocumentK
Format DocumentLeader + lf
Symbols OutlineLeader + lS
Line Diagnosticsgl, Leader + ld
All DiagnosticsLeader + lD
Code ActionsLeader + la
Signature HelpLeader + lh
RenameLeader + lr
Document SymbolsLeader + ls
Workspace SymbolsLeader + lG
Diagnostic Next]d
Diagnostics Previous[d
Type Definitiongy
Referencesgr, Leader + lR

Debugger Mappings

Start/Continue DebuggerLeader + dc or <F5>
Pause DebuggerLeader + dp or <F6>
Restart DebuggerLeader + dr or <C-F5>
Run Debugger to CursorLeader + ds
Close Debugger SessionLeader + dq
Terminate DebuggerLeader + dQ or <S-F5>
Toggle BreakpointLeader + db or <F9>
Conditional BreakpointLeader + dC or <S-F9>
Clear BreakpointsLeader + dB
Step OverLeader + do or <F10>
Step IntoLeader + di or <F11>
Step OutLeader + dO or <S-F11>
Evaluate ExpressionLeader + dE
Toggle REPLLeader + dR
Toggle Debugger UILeader + du
Debugger HoverLeader + dh

Telescope Mappings

MarksLeader + f'
BuffersLeader + fb
Word at cursorLeader + fc
CommandsLeader + fC
Find filesLeader + ff
Find files (include hidden files)Leader + fF
Help TagsLeader + fh
KeymapsLeader + fk
Man PagesLeader + fm
NotificationsLeader + fn
Old FilesLeader + fo
RegistersLeader + fr
ColorschemesLeader + ft
Live GrepLeader + fw
Live Grep (include hidden files)Leader + fW
Git BranchesLeader + gb
Git Commits (repository)Leader + gc
Git Commits (current file)Leader + gC
Git StatusLeader + gt
LSP SymbolsLeader + ls
LSP Workspace SymbolsLeader + lG

Terminal Mappings

Open Floating TerminalLeader + tf or <F7>
Open Horizontal TerminalLeader + th
Open Vertical TerminalLeader + tv
Open Toggle LazygitLeader + tl
Open Toggle nodeLeader + tn
Open Toggle PythonLeader + tp
Open Toggle btmLeader + tt